Our goal is to create strong parent advocates through training, sharing of best strategies and guidance based on successful advocacy experiences.
To encourage parent advocates to build and maintaining positive, collaborative partnerships with all professionals and administrators working with and for the development of their special needs child..



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Why we do it?

As Parents and Advocates  we like to say that Parents only want an appropriate education for their children. 

Truth of the matter is we all start by  believing in the system and when we realize the system is not willing to go the extra mile to help out our child and as a consequence our children start to regress, we the parents start questioning said system and as a result  we get labeled as confrontational.

Most parents who reach out to advocates and attorneys for help face serious  difficulty experiencing lack of support from school administrators and teachers.

In spite of it all our children are expected to behave and perform like a typical child and  parents receive calls every week and attended several meetings with the district behaviorist principle, case managers and teachers  in order to avoid suspension. Often parents  keep telling them to consider behaviors as manifestation of their Childs disability and they don’t do anything to support  refocus or redirect the child.

When a child is neglected he becomes  frustrated or ignored. His grades are good in periods where the teachers support him the most and low where he has no support.

Most parents are exhausted from the road blocks they face, hiring an advocate or attorney becomes inevitable, no one wants to face legal battles we do it because the system fails us over and over.

So here you are looking for answers.


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